Green Park - Interim and Executive Resourcing

Diversity Consultancy

Our diversity consultancy services help are designed to help our clients bring diversity to life in a strategic, sustainable way.

Diversity is a complex area, and our client organisations are typically at different stages of the process, either working to understand diversity, actively pushing forward with diversity initiatives, or working to embed diversity strategies into the highest level of corporate strategy.

Within those broad stages, we tailor our consultancy services to the specific situation, ensuring our clients receive diversity consultancy that is strategic, sustainable, and based around a simple premise: delivering increased organisational performance by bringing diversity to life.

Our consultancy services include:

  • Recruitment Diversity Audits
  • Diversity Training
  • Selection & Panel Interview Training
  • Recruitment Process Review
  • Employer Value Proposition Audits
  • Networking Events

We can help you ensure your organisation is exceeding industry best practice in diversity - the first step on the path to increasing minority representation.

For an obligation free conversation about your current or future diversity consultancy requirements, please contact Annmarie Dixon-Barrow on 020 7399 4300.