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Diversity Audits

Diversity isn’t easy, and organisations often don’t know where to start. Diverse Leaders provides a starting point: the initial steps you need to take as you move toward achieving a higher level of representation across the 7 Diversity strands.

Our Recruitment Diversity Audits help you to: 

  • Understand the way Diverse external candidates and potential candidates view your Employer Value Proposition.

  • Understand the way your Diverse internal candidates feel about the organisation.

  • Uncover any evidence of “unconscious bias” within your organisation, and the agencies it employs to deliver its recruitment.

  • Benchmark your approach to Diversity against industry best practice from the UK and the USA.

  • Explore unsuccessful offers to Diverse candidates, and uncover reasons such candidates rejected the opportunity to join.

  • Explore and benchmark your leadership team’s commitment to Diversity, uncovering knowledge gaps and opportunities for development, best practice sharing and quick wins.

The complete Diverse Leaders Recruitment Diversity Audit helps organisations create a business case for investing in Diversity as a form of competitive advantage.