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Regardless of the sophistication of an organisation's Diversity strategy, recruitment processes very rarely support or contribute to increasing Minority representation.

How often do organisations actually look beyond the usual suspects to source new talent? Unfortunately, it happens all too rarely. With a huge percentage of organisations relying on recruitment agencies to deliver them new people, the likelihood of finding talent from beyond the usual suspects is very slim.

Diverse Leaders has established minority recruitment channels that help us source candidates from the widest possible group of people across the UK. Our services help you to:

  • Ensure job advertisements are written to attract the broadest possible audience
  • Find new and innovative channels to target specific minorities, or minorities in general
  • Build recruitment processes that ensure fairness and equality
  • Create bespoke sifting and assessment tools that support Diverse representation
  • Leverage robust interviewing methodologies that avoid discrimination and unconscious bias

Our commitment to you is to consistently deliver robust shortlists of the most talented people. The difference is, we'll look "beyond the usual suspects" to ensure those shortlists consider the widest possible mix of talent.