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Diverse Leaders Executive Search

Identifying and attracting high-calibre talent to organisations interested in an approach that proactively looks "beyond the usual suspects".

Our commitment is to help our clients access a broader, more diverse group of the very best candidates, ultimately supporting their efforts to create a workforce which better reflects the communities they serve. Through our extensive established networks of diverse candidates, our targeted research and talent mapping, and our deep understanding of diversity challenges, we are able to consistently and accurately deliver our clients diverse shortlists of the very best candidates.

Working with a wide range of organisations ranging from international blue chip companies and government departments to highly complex prestigious organisations and not-for-profits, Diverse Leaders combines global best practice in diversity with a passionate commitment to identifying candidates from all backgrounds and situations, spanning the seven diversity strands.

While our focus is on producing diverse shortlists, we don't just deliver diverse candidates: we simply work harder to ensure our candidates are drawn from a wider, more inclusive pool of talent - including groups that traditionally find it very difficult to get visibility on senior roles.

Working with Diverse Leaders, our clients ensure:

  • The executive search process is robust, resilient, and focused on ensuring diversity and equality, delivered by consultants who intimately understand the challenges diverse candidates face.
  • The executive search initiative avoids bias - both conscious and unconscious - providing a level playing field for each candidate to be assessed against the role's requirements.
  • The process proactively looks beyond the usual suspects, delivering groups of candidates who represent the best talent in the market, but are drawn from a wider, more diverse group of potential applicants.

For an obligation free conversation about your current or future executive search requirements, please contact Raj Cristophe Tulsiani on 020 7399 4300.