Green Park - Interim and Executive Resourcing

Outcome Driven Mentoring

Diverse Leaders Outcome Driven Mentoring (OMD) programme is specifically designed to help organisations develop their own diverse role models, and build future leaders from existing employees of their organisation.

We utilise a unique blended learning approach, focused on delivering measurable improvements in three pre-agreed areas, within a six-month period. In partnership with the client, a lead mentor is appointed and selects up to 5 subject matter experts to provide specific interventions that that deliver real-time improvements against the three specific outcomes agreed at the beginning of the programme.


Our clients can also expect these tangible improvements to help build business cases to justify further investments in the individual, and in internal investment programmes to help create additional diverse role models within leadership teams.


Green Parks OMD program has elements of formal career and style coaching, ongoing networking and communication skills and progress/reality checking, while maintaining an unwavering focus on delivering demonstrable value in the three target areas of development for the individual.


High Potential Mentoring incorporates the following elements, tailored to the individual’s particular needs:


  • Career aims and objectives

  • Identifying development needs and creating a systematic approach to success

  • Visioning and career mapping

  • Professionalism & image projection of role models

  • Building a network

  • Creating evidence of passion being turned into progress


All of our current mentors are invited to cross-industry 100 club networking events.


Our High Potential Mentoring Programmes use the Diverse Leaders of today to help and support the Diverse Leaders of tomorrow on their journey toward high-profile leadership positions.