Green Park - Interim and Executive Resourcing

Advisory Panel

The Diverse Leaders Advisory Panel is comprised of some of the most high-profile and respected individuals in the world of diversity.

Current members of our Panel include:


Raj Tulsiani                                        Paul Mchale


Graham Bann                                    Baroness Verma


Diane Abbott                                      Deb Clarke


Tunde Banjoko OBE                        Jo Taylor



Members of the Advisory Panel help to: 

  • Create and develop sustainable solutions that actually make a measurable difference to the level of representation within the leadership teams of the organisations we work for.

  • Set strategy for Diverse Leaders, ensuring we are at the forefront of Diversity initiatives in the UK.

  • Assess organisations against the Diverse Leaders standard, giving them a clear picture of their Employer Value Proposition to Diverse candidates.

  • Provide our clients access to networks of senior candidates.

  • Help organisations develop their existing Diverse talent.

The core commitment of the Diverse Leaders Advisory Panel is to lead the Diversity agenda in the UK, delivering results that are measurable in months, not years.